Every movement counts: Reducing Cycle Times for Manual Processes

The challenge

A manufacturing company wanted to optimize manual process cycle times. The client could already identify the average and mean times of ‘start-to-start’ cycles. However, the company wanted to analyze outlying cycle times – when the cycle took the longest or the quickest to perform. By identifying and analyzing such cycles, company could streamline the work process, solve the problems resulting in longer cycle times and improve working conditions for the employees.

EasyFlow solution

Smart cameras were installed at pre-assigned workplaces. A Computer Vision software solution was developed to identify the ‘Start’ action of the manual cycle. The software was installed on the smart cameras to analyze video data on-site without the need to send the data outside of company premises. No additional sensors or depth cameras were used for the solution.

The result

Smart cameras measure ‘Start-to-Start’ cycle times at predetermined workplaces. EasyFlow solution provides real-time Cycle measurement metrics into client ERP platform. By identifying outlying Cycles, the client can make continuous efficiency improvements in the manufacturing process.