Rollgang Monitoring: Streamlining the Production Line

The challenge

A manufacturing company required to optimize the material flow on the rollgang line. The same rollgang is used to transfer different panels used in the manufacturing process further down the line. The company wanted to measure how much time individual panel pieces spend on the rollgang, whether certain items lay dormant on the rollgang too long thus delaying arrival of succeeding panels.

EasyFlow solution

Smart cameras were introduced on the rollgang line. EasyFlow developed a Computer Vision solution to identify different components on the rollgang. The software can analyze the occupancy rate of the rollgang and measure how much time individual components spend on the rollgang line. The software also takes into account different lightning conditions which do not interfere with the precision of measurements.

The result

Processed data from smart cameras is provided to client manufacturing management platform. The client can identify the current and historic occupancy rates of rollgang line and to make informed decisions on how to optimize production. Similar solution can also be utilized to in mining (where materials travel long distances) and railway logistics hubs (to measure occupancy of railway branches).