Workplace monitoring: Maximising Employee Productivity in Manufacturing

The challenge

With variety of sensors and other specialized tools there is a myriad ways to measure the efficiency of industrial equipment. However, if the equipment malfunctions and production line process is interrupted, it is up to human supervision to ensure the problem is solved in a timely manner. In addition, to maximise safety and efficiency there is a need to monitor if the employees are at their designated place of work, if they are performing pre-assigned tasks and at what speed manual tasks are performed.  

EasyFlow solution

EasyFlow developed a Computer Vision solution utilizing the pre-installed video surveillance cameras on the production line floor. Such solution minimizes the need for additional hardware and is quick to deploy. Utilizing cameras and vision recognition, the software analyzes if the employees are at the pre-assigned workplaces at the production line. The solution is fully GDPR compliant, as it only monitors preassigned spaces and whether the employee is present, and does not identify workers individually. After initial trial EasyFlow refined individual precise metrics to simplify interpretation of monitoring results.

The result

The solution was developed by utilizing the monitoring systems (surveillance cameras) already in place on the factory floor. The company now receives real-time notifications into ERP platform if an employee is not present at the pre-assigned workplace. The client also receives additional statistics regarding speed of operation and can effectively measure employee productivity on the production line. The installed software framework is easy to customize and include additional monitoring aspects per client requirements in the future.