From fitness tracking bands to health apps, smart wellness solutions are embedded into our everyday lives. Yet gyms are lagging behind to integrate technology into workout routines. At VPixel we want to improve the gym experience – by making exercise more efficient, safer and enjoyable.

A virtual personal trainer

It’s great to see a gym bustling with members. However, with so many people on the floor gym trainers cannot attend to every member. According to research, more than 50% of gym members drop out during their first months of training due to lack of knowledge how to work out correctly or due to suffered injuries in the initial months of training.

My #Fitnessgoals

Do I look better in the mirror? What’s next for my goals? Gym members lack feedback on their workout performance and track their workout progress over time. The lack of constant feedback, motivation and quantifiable goals results in difficulty to retain members over time.

Workout smarter, not harder

To get more insights on the needs of gym-goers, we undertook a survey of 500 members. The survey did not differentiate between new or long-term members. Both sexes were equally represented in the survey.

We learned that 78% of members would like to trial a virtual trainer service. On top of their agenda – reduce the injury risk. Monitoring if the exercises are performed correctly was the most requested feature of virtual trainer service (44% of respondents). 26% wanted to be given new workout routines, 21% of members wanted the software to set objective KPIs for weights and performance of the exercise.

More than 60% of respondents would like to get personalized recommendations, feedback, new workout suggestions and performance tracking via a smartphone application with all other options including “smart mirrors” receiving less than 7% of responses.

VPixel Fitness to the rescue

VPixel Fitness tracks gym members as their exercise. Firstly, we don’t want members to get hurt. Therefore we track if workout exercises are performed correctly. If not, an alert can be sent to gym trainer that a certain member requires assistance.

Secondly, we want members to be able to measure their performance over time. VPixel Fitness allows to measure activity levels and efficiency of every workout. It also adds a level of gamification, awarding badges for achieving certain goals. This helps to increase member engagement and reduce client churn in the long run. Smartphone application can also be used to send personalized notifications to members, suggest new workout routines.

In addition, by harnessing AI capabilities, VPixel Fitness can identify members most likely to cancel their membership by analyzing workout similarity patterns with those who already did.

Finally, VPixel Fitness is available as a flexible motion tracking and AI framework, meaning that it can be customized to fit particular business goals. Do you only want gym trainer notification platform? No problem! Want to track exercises only in particular section of the club (f.i. weights section)? Yes, of course! Want to manage and track remote workouts via video? Consider it done!

VPixel Fitness is available for trial deployment. Do get in touch to learn more.